Kiviks Musteri – an experience to savour

When visiting Kiviks Musteri, make sure you allow yourself time to savour everything.There’s so much to experience. For all the senses! 

To the south of Kivik, where the apple orchards meet Hanöbukten Bay with its chalk-white beaches,
lies Kiviks Musteri. This is where, in 1888, Henric Åkesson planted the apple trees that would go on
to become Sweden’s first commercial fruit farm and at the same time laid the foundations for the family
company Kiviks Musteri. Fruit and berry products are produced here, utilising four generations of
accumulated expertise on how best to process fruits and berries to preserve their wholesome goodness
and the delicious freshly-harvested flavours.

Operations at Kiviks Musteri are fuelled by a great love of apples, of food and drink
and for the beautiful surrounding countryside.
Every year more than 200,000 people visit Kiviks Musteri
– to experience, savour and enjoy.


 Kristina Levinsson and Bengt Åkesson - fjärde generationens ägare

Musteributiken - The Farm Shop

Our farm shop - Musteributiken - stocks the entire Kiviks Musteri range at excellent prices. Discover the best of nature’s larder in the form of apple juice, cider, stewed fruit and fruit drinks. In addition, you will find a selection of products not sold anywhere else – apple sauce, jams, marmalades, salsas, dessert sauces and other delicacies. Also available from our shop are Kiviks Musteri’s non-alcoholic classics – Da Vinci, Pomotess and Astrakan.

Resturant Kärnhuset

Our shady courtyard houses Restaurang Kärnhuset, where you can enjoy fantastic dishes prepared to our chefs’ recipes using local ingredients. While on a slight rise, with views out to the coast, you will find Stinas Café, serving apple juice, coffee, homemade cakes, their well-known apple cake and other treats.

Äpplets Hus - The House of Apples

Äpplets Hus (The House of Apples) is an information centre focussing on the apple, with experiences for all ages. Äpplets Hus includes the Fruit Room (Fruktkammaren) and Åkesson’s historic storeroom, where you can learn about the history of Kiviks Musteri. There’s also the Exhibition Factory, demonstrating how apple juice and cider are made, and the Knowledge Store, where you can delve into four generations of know-how about apples and apple-growing.

Apple Orchards

Enjoy a tranquil stroll among the beautiful apple orchards and be inspired. Visitour Collection Orchard with over 70 different apple varieties, where you can compare the colour and shape of trees, flowers and fruits. Our Cultural Orchard demonstrates the differences between 19th-century orchards, with their knotty, leafy trees, and today’s modern orchards.
Explore the structured yet playful Show Garden with its annual theme.

Guided tours and cider tastings

Kiviks Musteri offers guided tours of Äpplets Hus, the orchards and the gardens. 
Why not take an exciting taste journey through the world of cider? Our popular cider tastings provide a chance to learn all about Kiviks Musteri’s various cider varieties and Calvados as well as enjoying a platter of Skåne-style tapas.


Perhaps you would like to buy your own apple tree? Well , you can do just that in our Nursery. It offers a variety of apple trees (columnar, trained and family trees), but also bushes such as sea buckthorn and japonica and other plants associated with Kiviks Musteri. You can also obtain advice and tips from our nursery staff about how best to look after fruit and berries in your garden.

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