Kiviks Musteri AB

    What started out as a small apple orchard has developed into a modern beverage company. We have come a long way since our journey began in 1888 when the founder, Mr Henric Åkesson, planted the first apple tree in the south eastern part of Sweden. But one thing remains the same, it´s still a family company, which has been passed on from generation to generation.

    A business cannot survive this long without having clear and firm values. And this is something that we have never compromised on. We believe in supplying the best quality to the best of our ability. And this is something that the consumer knows that they can expect from us. 

    Our region - Skåne

    Skåne is located in the most southern part of Sweden, by popular speech considered to be the pantry of Sweden. It is here that you will find the most fertile ground in all of the country. So it´s not by chance that most of the apples from Sweden are grown in this area. The mild climate, in comparison to the rest of the country allows for other fruits and berries to be grown here as well, such as grapes for example. The unique geographical and climatic conditions result in a flavoursome end product which eventually ends up as a beverage ready to be enjoyed by the consumer.  
    Our location



    Craftsmanship, the specific flavours we communicate through our products is the result of craftsmanship that has been passed on from generation to generation, fine tuning along the way to deliver excellence.    

    Our products are highly appreciated

    We have a reputation to uphold, a reputation that we have been building for over 100 years. Our products are highly appreciated by the Swedish consumers who have gotten to know us and acknowledge our hard work and determination to only deliver the best quality possible. And we believe that it´s about time to share our products with the people outside of our country. 

    Product range

    We have a wide portfolio of products in different segments and sizes to appeal to divers target groups. From our signature product, Årets skörd (yearly harvest), which is 100% cider pressed from the yearly harvest of apples, fruit drinks, NFC, sparkling drinks to fruit soups, fruit custards, alcoholic drinks (wine, cider etc). We offer both conventional and organic products. 

    Packaging options

    We fill in Glass, PET, Tetra pak, Bag-in-Box and Pouch in many different shapes and sizes.

    Private label

    Apart from our own brand we also offer Private Label. Along with our in-house R&D department we have the opportunity to realize the costumer´s desires.  And with the epithet “produced in Sweden” we offer a second seal of approval and guarantee that clean water is used and that the toughest product safety regulations are applied.  


    FSSC 22000, ISO14001, ORGANIC and FAIRTRADE



    We have been around for 130 years and we intend to be around for many more years to come.
     Heritage cannot be copied.